In the last week of December, Archana Singh bought, as she does every year, a new page-a-day format paper planner, one with a pink ribbon as a marker, pop art on the cover, neatly laid out art pages inside. Singh, who runs TravelSeeWrite , a popular travel blog, is otherwise a digital evangelist, but when it comes to a planner, the paper vs digital debate is a no brainer for her. I need to touch and feel it before I buy it; sometimes it takes me quite a few hours to select one. In fact, there are a number of proponents of paper planners like her, who might use their smartphone for everything from making calls, taking photos, to messaging friends and family, but when it comes to planning their day, they continue to rely on the good old paper planner. And a planner, they will tell you, is not just about schedules, but is a tool for keeping at bay a sense of drift; creating a blueprint for a successful life, and a tool for self-expression. While these feature-rich apps come with enticing interfaces and an infinite amount of space, allowing people to add events, texts, contacts, maps, pictures, those dating the diaries say they do not want to be distracted in a maze of browser tabs and noise of notifications. Recently, there have been several books that deal with the history of the daily planner. It traces their evolution in almanacs and blank books through the 19th century to their enduring popularity. In fact, for many, the daily act of scheduling includes not just writing down meetings and appointments, but also a wide range of other matters, small and big – shopping list, meal planning, books to read, TV shows and films to watch, tracking fitness and finance goals.

How can we help?

Make life achievable with an app that takes the stress out of daily planning. Organize and declutter those messy schedules, tasks, and notes with a full-featured app that puts it all in one simple, streamlined place. Start living your best life!

– Buy Our Date Night Planner: Happy Valentine’s Day Plans to go out – Movies Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App.

Watch the trailer. Nathan helps a dating website attract female users; a party planner is given a new way to send out invites; Nathan also shares his strategy for self-motivation. Nathan suggests a service for a dating site called Daddy’s Watching to have someone watch over a girls first date in case something goes wrong. He finds a girl willing to try the service. He gets the guys fingerprints and then disguises himself as he watches the date happen. He hires someone to be “the daddy” and it fails.

Nathan helps a party planner by making a program that sends invitations to unwanted guests spam folders. He throws a party and invites everyone except Salomon. Only the party planner and the Bill Gates impersonator show up.

Dating Service; Party Planner

Planning a vacation gives you something to look forward to in the coming year. Whether it’s an official family holiday , road trip , solo wellness retreat , or a last-minute long-weekend getaway with the girls , there’s so many great places to visit. There are also dozens of awesome travel apps that’ll help you not only channel wanderlust into an experience you’ll never forget, but also, save you money.

First, you’ll need to figure out where to go. Will you stay within the 50 states , or head somewhere internationally? Hint: Scrolling Instagram travel accounts is a fun way to research.

Directed by Nathan Fielder. With Nathan Fielder, Veronique Assouline, Kevin Carmony, Gina M. Dobson. Nathan helps a dating website attract female users;.

What’s for dinner? And please don’t say frozen pizza again. If microwave meals are becoming your go-to every night of the week, it’s probably time to bring in some assistance. No, we’re not talking about delivery, which is arguably worse. And we aren’t talking about hiring a personal chef, either, although that would be a dream. Plan to Eat is the tool you need to streamline and personalize your meal planning process, so you can get better food on the table every night.

It practically handles the entire process for you, except the actual cooking, of course. You can collect recipes that fit your lifestyle from all over the internet and house them in one place, create a customized meal plan to fit your schedule, then go to the store with an automated list of ingredients, organized the way you like to shop. Like one user said on an App Store review , “I’m able to create categories for the grocery store that match the actual aisles in my store, so I can shop my way through the site in an efficient way.

I can put the list on my phone, and check off items as I pick them up Worth every penny and then some! Speaking of reviews, PTE has earned 4. And that’s out of over 6k reviews, which is pretty impressive.

15 Best Apps for Couples

After you swipe right, there is a world of mobile apps for couples to organize their shared lives and turboboost their sex life. All of us could use a bit of extra fire in our relationships, or even just a bit more organization, and there are mobile apps to help. If you’ve spent too much time on Candy Crush and not enough on your partner, there is still hope — just get your hands on a phone.

Turbocharge your relationship with these 10 couple and relationship apps that help you organize money, plan romantic evenings, and amp up your sex life well, maybe.

Easily plan dates and make polls in WhatsApp and other chat apps! Weekend getaway with your best friends? Can’t decide which movie you and your friends.

In the monthly calendar, coloured dots represent scheduled and completed workouts. Each colour corresponds to the workout categories on your Workouts dashboard. If you complete two or more workouts from the same category, only one dot of that colour will be displayed. To view your workout summary, including the date, time of the workout and duration, tap the completed workout.

To help you to schedule your weekly training, each SWEAT trainer has put together a suggested workout plan with suggestions on how to plan your resistance, cardio and recovery sessions. You can enable and disable this feature by tapping the settings cog icon from the monthly calendar.

Tastebuds: A Dating App Can Be a Music App

Relishing restaurants. Perfect park picnics. Decadent desserts. Triple alliterations!

This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Doorstep: Date night planner 17+. Find local dates.

In our digital world it is impossible for any sphere of life not to be affected by technology. Dating is keeping up with times as well. Today we can enjoy apps for couples. Let us make it clear from the very beginning, it has nothing to do with such services like Tinder. These are apps for people who are already in relationships and want technology to help them be closer. Whether you are in a long-distance relationships or already a married couple living together, you can find couple apps that will be perfect for your needs.

You can find fun Android apps for couples, or if you have an iPhone you can find apps for it as well. It is important to keep the sparkle and our digital era made it more than possible even if you are living apart in two different countries. Plus, scheduling your romantic evenings if you are both snowed under with work has become much easier. Not to mention your love life, with love apps for couples every night together will be the night you will never forget.

So what are we waiting for? Let us find out all about the best couple apps. To make it easier for you to find what you really need, we have already classified couple apps into several categories: fun and games, communication and connection, scheduling, Android and iPhone applications.

Best 10 Day Planner Apps

Customize your categories, add a picture or a location to every expense. The app works intuitively, it makes it super easy to control your money. It helps me to develop healthy spending habits. I am using this app for more than two years and I could not be happier with the service I got.

The SWEAT Planner shows your workout history and scheduled workouts in a monthly calendar. If you tap the date that is highlighted, you make sure to have ‘Notifications’ enabled for the SWEAT app within your device.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD is a disorder that is commonly associated with children, but more than 9 million American adults also live with the condition. Adult ADHD can cause problems with executive function. This means people with the condition may have a hard time initiating tasks, following through, remembering things, or managing complexity. Many people have found success in delegating important memory and productivity tasks to their mobile devices.

Apps are available to help you organize, prioritize, and build structure into your life. Distractibility plays a big part in ADHD, but Due can set you back on track with reminders to do the important things. Increase your productivity by taking the variability out of the must-dos, like taking medication. Adding a reminder is easy, the app design is super clean and sleek, and the reminders are persistent.

When a reminder goes off, it continues to ping you in set intervals say, every 10 minutes until you mark the task as done. A simple concept with a big payoff. Android rating: 4. Think of Evernote as your modern-day Trapper Keeper. Type in to-dos, add reminders, scan handwritten notes, take pictures of items you want to follow up on, and save websites and videos. Evernote is a great choice to jot down those stray thoughts to pursue later so you can stay on task now.

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